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Tree Management During Construction

The role of a consulting arborist in the construction project is frequently undervalued. 

Prior to construction beginning, our arborists will survey the trees on-site to determine what trees are suitable to retain during the construction process.

The construction of a Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) can help preserve your trees. Ironwood Urban Forestry Consulting can work with your contractor to discuss how to limit degradation of the trees and the site quality.

After construction takes place, Ironwood Urban Forestry Consulting can survey your trees to provide you with a future management plan to improve your trees' ability to overcome changes to the site.


Measuring the tree's diameter to determine the appropriate size of the tree protection zone (TPZ)


A consulting arborist could have prevented degradation of the soil and root systems of the trees on this construction site

Mechanical injury to this poplar occurred during a renovation. A tree protection zone (TPZ) could have prevented this damage

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