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Ironwood Urban Forestry Consulting Inc. prides itself on a science-based approach to arboriculture and urban forestry consulting. Our industry-leading experts bring knowledge from arboriculture, soil science, natural resource conservation, urban agriculture, landscape design, and construction.

Ironwood works with a variety of different industry stakeholders, including private, commercial, government, and legal clients. 

General Consultation Services

Ironwood provides general consultation services for private clients, primarily in Manitoba. Information on our consulting services can be found here

Our general consultation services include:

  • Arborist reports for development and construction

  • Pest diagnostics and independent verification

  • Planting recommendations

  • Tree risk assessment


Our previous work for municipalities has included consultation on tree protection ordinances, arboriculture and urban forestry communication, and storm response procedures. We welcome new consultation contracts. Please contact us to set up an initial consultation meeting.

Law Firms

Ironwood offers consultation on arboriculture- and urban forestry-based legal matters for issues throughout Canada. We offer initial consultation, consulting reports, and expert witness testimony. All legal consultation is done by Ironwood Urban Forestry Consulting Inc.'s director Alexander Martin

For more information, please visit the page for law firms


Ironwood provides science-based urban forest management consultation to commercial companies and organizations worldwide. We believe foremost in equality-based management decisions, furthered by our staff's research on the merger of sociology and urban forestry. We welcome new consultation contracts. Please contact us to set up an initial consultation meeting. 

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